The Grass is Always Greener

Together we built this wall;

Laid down the foundation

With sympathy and pain.

Every single pill

Made the bricks rise higher,

As you finished up

The work that we begun.

My last glimpse of you

Is the hint of a smile.

The wall that we both raised

Has helped you find the Grass;

The green green Grass

That is underneath your feet.

I tell myself: “I’m glad it worked! Our job is done!”

It seems this wall of pills

Has given you the kind of peace

I never really could.

For me to be lonely; For me to be distant

Is my debt to pay

For you to be happy; For you to be free.

The sound of your laugh

Drifting from above

The rising wall

Is a bittersweet reward.

Soon, though, I fear

It will be too thick 

For even that.

But this is what we made.

Together, we built this wall.

Me, Myself, and You

My insecurities are so much bigger than your love

They tower high above it, their shadows are too much

Does that make me selfish? I think it probably does

Those three words will never fix me, they will never be enough

You say you don’t need anything, anything but me

You told me that I’m big enough, but that’s too hard to believe

I’ve heard you say you’re satisfied, but baby can’t you see?

I want to make you scream and moan, and satisfy your dreams.

All I want to be is, perfect in every way

All I’ll ever be is, a failure every day

As much as I believe you, every time you say

"My love is unconditional," my fears won’t go away.


"I try to think of things to say but nothing comes and if something did come I probably couldn’t say it. This is my great obstacle, the biggest of all the boulders littering my path. In my mind I am eloquent; I can climb intricate scaffolds of words to reach the highest cathedral ceilings and paint my thoughts. But when I open my mouth, it all collapses."

— Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies (via selfinspiration)

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i love me

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“I had a spirtual expierience in the jungle from a plant that only grows in the jungle….that’s when I became the most positive kid alive. My reason for being here is to spread positivity through words.” - Mod Sun

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"I want love to
walk right up and bite me
grab a hold of me and fight me
leave me dying on the ground."

— Oh Jack White…you are a beautiful man (via filmplushaylsequalshapiness)

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"Don’t do it Nigel," She says.

But still She hears the two cruel tones

That tell Her I’m gone.

Truth is, I feel the same tragedy

When my finger hits the button

That cuts Her off

Soon though, it will be different.

Soon we won’t have distance and logic between us.

Soon I’ll stare through Her gorgeous eyes

    And absorb Her precious thoughts.

Soon our conversations won’t be haunted by the promise of morning.

Soon we will be together, until She falls asleep in my arms, and then we are together in dreams.

I long to say She’s beautiful

And before she can deny it

To silence her with a kiss

I want to know her voice

As I know her face.

And to understand her lips

As I do her thoughts.

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I need some fucking passion

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